Pain is Reality / Schmerz ist Realität / Dor é Realidade / Dolor es Realidad

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Fighting against (or resisting) the reality of the pain in your life creates suffering.

Rather than resisting your pain, and so creating your suffering, you would be wise to learn to accept your authentic Self – your experience of who you really are and what you are really struggling with.

In doing this, you can develop self-acceptance and self-compassion.

As much as you want to hold on tight to positive experiences, suffering is inevitable.

While that thought can seem discouraging, it can actually empower you: although you can not avoid hardships, you can change how you respond to painful events in life.

In doing so can help relieve the painful emotions that arise from suffering and stress.

All I teach is suffering and the end of suffering. – Buddha

You do not have to be a devout monk to benefit from the Buddhist approach to alleviating suffering.

Understanding a few core principles of Buddhism can set you on a path to coping better with suffering, alleviating pain, and leading a more peaceful life.

Buddha acknowledges that suffering is just a part of life, and the more you accept life’s imperfections, the less stressful it becomes.

The idea of acceptance as an antidote to suffering may seem counterintuitive and difficult to grasp.

When you suffer, like when having your heart broken or experiencing grief, more pain arises from resisting or denying that you feel bad in the first place.

Suppressing those strong emotions can only make things worse and even cause you to act out in unhealthy, destructive ways.

So the way of the Cross is interpreted by many people as this way of life lived in chronic frustration. They say, when you get a headache don’t take aspirin. Live the pain through and offer it to the Lord in union with the sacrifize of Christ on the cross.

Always arrange your life in such a way that it will be a little difficult. That’s why some people wear a hair shirt. They are always uncomfortable. They always itch. And this thing, they do it to keep them going. I mean this keeps you alive. You know you’re there.

Well you see some people don’t really feel they exist until they are sitting  on the point of a thorn. Let me put it that way. Laia to reality is a measure of pain. See, pain in this way of looking at things is the most real thing that there is.

Pleasure, the pleasures of this world escape would disappear and pass away. There’s nothing to cling to. So don’t go after pleasure my dear friends. That’s awful, that’s a deceit. Because the real thing in life is pain.

And so what you do is you train yourself from childhood to deal with pain. We were brought up in a a school system where it was simply axiomatic that suffering builds character.

So, therefore anytime you inflicted pain in on anybody you were perfectly justified in your own conscience because you were doing him a favor. You were building his character.

And and so this is based on this philosophy of pain is reality, is the ultimate penitential philosophy of going down, down, down into the most awful.

I am wrong, you see. I am a mistake. I am responsible for this mistake. Therfore I ought to suffer and I go right into that state of mind. An if I have guts and courage, I’ll go as far into this as possible. And what will I find ou at the end.

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