Parallel Thinking / Paralleles Denken / Pensamento Paralelo / Pensamiento Paralelo

The modern World changes very rapidly. What was true and accepted a few years ago is now laughably wrong.

How you think is defined by a set of ground rules, a set of constants unconsciously put down by you for yourself. But in a World that changes this fast, no ground rule is valid for long.

You need to change how you think! The World is not as simple as it used to be a decade ago.

To stay from being overwhelmed, you need to evolve your mentality; you need to get your mind organized so that he can cope with the information and problems that are thrown at you each and every day.

In order to evolve, you must learn. There are aspects of the Earth, Human existence, and the universe that you do not know about. Maybe you have become so caught up that you have neglected learning.

Personal evolution requires self-awareness. Once you begin searching for the answers, you will find the joy of getting to know yourself.

This joy of self-mastery is an evolution of itself; it will grow and stretch out to all of your beautiful veins and layers of interest and growth.

It is a journey into Awareness of your thoughts, emotions, reactions, likes and dislikes, subconscious programming, conscious choices, and your relationships.

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