People Are not good to each Other / Menschen sind nicht gut Zueinander / As pessoas não são boas um para Outro / Las personas no son buenas entre Sí

On the social media stage, looking right seems the only thing that matters. Rather than using our emotions and intellect to do whats best, we focus on proving others wrong – those who think differently become our enemies.

People are not using their voices to make things better. They express their opinions simply to hurt others; to silence opposite thoughts.

The hatred that we see daily on social media, the news, or water cooler conversations, is doing us no good as a Society.

Our hearts have become completely incompetent  –  hate has taken over our emotions. Hating others is an easy way out. Hate is a self-defense mechanism.

We embrace hate as a way to protect our self-esteem or to defend our community’s interests or beliefs. However, most of our current threats are perceptions, not real ones  – we create the fight.

Hating someone is personal; the reasons that fuel hate are mostly social. Someone persuade us to see others as enemies. Leaders know how to play the paranoia card .

They find an external enemy to bring their supporters together. Having a common enemy is what makes hatred personal  –  we turn life into a ‘Them’ versus ‘Us’ experience.

Hate is in the eye of the giver, not on the receiver. People hate what they do not understand. They reject those who think or look differently. People hate others because of what they reflect about them too.

People hate other political parties or religions because their ideology is the truth. They reject other races or ethnic groups because their bodies are superior.

People hate an article because they know better. Our beliefs blind us  –  that is why we hate others.

The problem with hate is that it quickly escalates. What starts as mere intolerance quickly becomes something more alarming.

The Pyramid of hate is a powerful exercise that many organizations use to drive Awareness – small intolerance acts can turn into dangerous ones.

People say the opposite of Love is not hate. It is indifference.

And when it feels like the World is indifferent to you and you are unloved, anger can be a way to get someone’s attention. Sadly, anger can get you heard, even when you have nothing to say.

The line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Too much
too little
or not enough

too fat
too thin
or nobody

laughter or
or immaculate


or an old guy in a cheap room
with a photograph of Marilyn Monroe

many old guys in cheap rooms without
any photographs at all

there is a loneliness in this world so great
that you can see it in the slow movements of
the hands of a clock

there is a loneliness in this world so great
that you can see it blinking in neon signs
in Vegas, in Baltimore, in Munich

there are people so tired
so strafed
that buying a bargain can of tuna
in a supermarket
is their greatest moment
their greatest victory

we don’t need new governments
new revolutions
we don’t need new men
new women
we don’t need new ways
good Columbian
watches that give you the date

people are not good to each other
one on one.
Marx be damned
the sin is not the totality of certain systems.
Christianity be damned
the sin is not the killing of a God.

people are just not good to each other.

we are afraid
we think that hatred means strength

what we need is less brilliance
what we need is less instruction

what we need are less poets
what we need are less Bukowskies
what we need are less Billy Grahams

what we need is more
a typist
more finches

we don’t think about the terror of one person
aching in one place

unspoken to
watering a plant
being without a telephone that will never
because there isn’t one.

more haters than lovers

slices of doom like taffeta

people are not good to each other
people are not good to each other
people are not good to each other

and the beads swing and the clouds cloud
and the dogs piss upon the roses
and the killer beheads the child like taking a bite
out of an ice cream cone
and the ocean comes in and out
in and out
under the direction of a senseless moon

and people are not good to each other.

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