People Control / Menschenkontrolle / Controle de Pessoas / Control de Personas

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The first principle of people control is not to let them know you are controlling them.

It is easier than you think to control people indirectly, to manipulate them into thinking what you want them to think and doing what you want them to do.

One basic technique is to keep them ignorant. Educated people are not as easy to manipulate. The direct approach is to abolish public education or restricting access.

The indirect approach is total control of the education they receive. With lots of money, university endowments, foundations, grants, and ownership of media, education is relatively easy to control.

Another technique is to keep them entertained. Roman emperors did not stage circuses and gladiator contests because they did not have television. We have television not because we do not have circuses and gladiator events.

The purpose is to keep the people’s minds focused on entertainment, sports, and secundary political issues. This way you will not have to worry that they will ever figure out the real issues that allow you to control them.

Another technique is to keep them economically dependent. You want people who work for wages, since wage earners have little control over their economic destiny.

You want to control the monetary, credit, and banking systems. This allows you to inflate the currency and make it impossible for wage earners to accumulate capital.

You can also cause periodic deflation to collapse the family businesses, family farms, and entrepreneurs, including independent community banks.

Another technique is to buy both political parties so that people will feel that no matter whether they vote for Candidate A or Candidate B, they will get the same policies.

This will create great apathy and a belief that the political process is useless for effecting real change. You will have a population that feels completely helpless and believes the bad things happening to them are just a natural result of global forces or global evolution.

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