People You hang around With / Leute mit denen du dich Umgibst / Pessoas com que Você Anda / Personas con las que Tu Caminas

When you are working to change your life and reach your goals, one of the most critical area to examine is what type of people you hang around with.

One of the hardest alterations you face reaching your goals is the realization that the people you surround yourselves with are negative influences.

Realize that you may be the person in need of the most change. You tend to attract certain types of people more than others.

This does not mean you are a bad person, but it does mean that there may be some work necessary on your part before others will want to hand out with you.

You are selective about who you hang around with, so you can expect others to be just as selective.

Make time for what you believe is important, and remember what is important to you is determined by the people you hang around  with.

Change your life is about change for the better, so do not be surprised when you need to make some initial changes in order to make other changes possible in the future.

Change your thoughts, change the people that you hang around with, and change the books that you read.

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