Play without Fear / Spiel ohne Angst / Jogue sem Medo / Jugar sin Miedo

I want to be something – that is the root of fear. When you want to be something, your wanting to be something and your not being that something creates fear, not only in a narrow sense but in the widest sense. So as long as there is the desire to be something there must be fear. – Krishnamurti 

Can the mind observe fear, your fear: fear of death, fear of life, fear of loneliness, fear of darkness, fear of being nobody, fear of not becoming a great success, fear of not being a leader, a writer, fear of many different things.

Is one aware of it, or one leads such a superficial life, everlastingly talking about something else, never aware of oneself, of one’s own fears.

Then if one does become aware of those fears, at what level do you become aware. Is it an intellectual Awareness or are you actually aware of your fears, and aware at the deeper levels of your mind of fear, of the deep hidden recesses.

If the mind can understand the root of fear then the branches, the various aspects of fear have no meaning, they wither away.

What is the root of fear. Can you look at your fear. Look at it now, invite it. Naturally you are not afraid now, sitting there, but you know what your fears are: loneliness, not being loved, not being beautiful, this or that.

By looking at your particular fear, you can then see the root of that fear; not only the root of that fear, but the root of all fear.

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