Power of the Visual / Macht des Visuellen / Poder do Visual / Poder de lo Visual

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Men desire to see women naked is because they are socialized to view women as sex objects, and this is reflected in how much money men spend on pornography and related media.

Women are not socialized to view men as sex objects, which is why they spend so little on seeing unclothed men.

Men and women have some big differences in how they live life and view the World around them.

These differences do not make one sex better or worse than the other, but they do affect the experiences of being male or being female.

Women are often made into sex objects. Women are being objectified for their bodies’ money making, sexually appealing abilities.

Advertisements frequently feature images of attractive young women to boost every product from food and alcohol to cars.

Businesses and advertising agencies take advantage of the fact that men pay attention to beautiful women.

You may not sell your product, but at least gain male attention by putting an attractive woman in your advertisement. It is because men are visually stimulated in ways women are not.

There is a difference in how men’s and women’s brains react to and process what they see when it comes to visual attraction.

Men only have to see a woman who looks good to them to get aroused; on television, the internet, magazines and advertisements, or just passing an attractive woman on the street.

Much, much more is involved for women to become sexually aroused than mere appearance.

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