Practice is not Easy / Übung ist nicht Einfach / Prática não é Fácil / Práctica no es Fácil

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Be conscious of the truth, the center of Consciousness, and perform your actions selflessly with non-attachment. No matter where you are, meditation in action can be practiced.

Learn not to forget the center of Consciousness within you. Do not allow your mind to be scattered, and whatever you do, do it with full attention. Beneath all your deeds there should be Awareness of the center of Consciousness within.

Awareness is a simple concept, but practicing it is not always easy. Carry the stillness of meditation into the clamor of everyday life. Meditation teaches us to focus our mind and be still.

For a few minutes of each day sit, breathe and remember the Consciousness within. It does not always come easily, but the simplicity of the practice is beautiful.

The Ego views meditation as just sitting and doing nothing. Everyone can just sit and do nothing. But sitting and doing nothing is actually quite difficult. Practice of sitting quietly with yourself requires an equal amount of firm discipline to return to the practice even when you do not want.

Through meditation, you become aware of yourself exactly as you are, by waking up to the numerous subtle ways that you act out your own selfishness. Only then you truly begin to be genuinely selfless. Cleansing yourself of selfishness in not a selfish activity.

Let go of your constant judgments of right and wrong and finding an unconditional self-regard for everything that arises.

The practice of mindfulness – sitting quietly for a small amount of time each day and paying attention to what arises in that time – is a way to strengthen the muscle of being aware so that you can do it the rest of your life.

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