Pure Consciousness / Reines Bewusstsein / Consciência Pura / Conciencia Pura

Pure Consciousness is the state of mind, where you are free from all the mind activities. The nature of the mind is to think thoughts, imagine things, accumulate experiences, and impressions and create a circle of thoughts out of it.

Although the mind functions with its thoughts process, you have the state of pure Consciousness, which is beneath the functions of the mind. Functions of the mind such as thinking, imagination, visualization, dreaming, forming desires, creating the perception, forming perspective, only remain at the surface.

There are three ways to go with life.

The first one is to live life with the absolute attention to the outside. The outside World attracts you, and you create your life out of what you see outside.

All the physical beauty in the form of Human or an object attracts you. There is only one way for you to fulfill your desires, i.e through physical effort. You live outside and you have no clue of what is happening in your inner World.

The second one is when you connect with your inner World. The World of energy, thoughts, and emotions. You live inside out. You do not follow the outside life, but you follow what is going on in your inner World.

In this part of life, you are more connected to living. You follow your heart, develop your talent, use your skill and create life out of it. Here you are more creatively satisfied with your life. You are near to your source, and you look for inner satisfaction and not outside accomplishment.

The third one is when you understand the process of life after self-realization. Then it does not matter either you live materialistic life or be more creative with your life, you always remain above it.

None of the World’s matters to you than the truth that resides beyond both the physical and subtle World. The world of pure Consciousness.

The Human strive for two things, meaning and happiness. The people who are engaged in the material World look for happiness while the people who follow their heart look for meaning.

When you have all the wealth you needed for life, and still, you are not satisfied, you look for the higher truth. You search for meaning in life.

When you live inside out and even creative satisfaction does not solve all the queries of your life, you look for something higher, something beyond what is present inside of you. This higher World is pure Consciousness.

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