Qualities of Greatness / Qualitäten der Größe / Qualidades da Grandeza / Cualidades de Grandeza

Greatness lies in the journey, not in the result.

If success is your only drive, you may achieve financial wealth, but you may not achieve greatness. Greatness is much deeper than money. Greatness is an expression of your character. You have the potential for greatness.

To develop and express your greatness, you must possess the passion and drive to live your life with calculated risks and an attitude of faith.

When you strive for greatness, when you strive to give all you have got to achieving your dreams, success is only the secondary benefit.

Greatness in leaders is expressed though a positive attitude. For this reason, you must add a positive attitude to everything you do.

When you do this, it causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes to come your way.

Your positive attitude must be powerful enough to infect every one of your team.

A leader who possesses greatness will take more than his fair share of the blame when things go wrong and be satisfied to take less than a fair share of the acknowledgment when success occurs.

You must add something to other people’s lives that cannot be bought. To be great, you must always give everything, and everyone you care about, your energy, drawing on the highest levels of sincerity, honesty and integrity.

You must be willing to invest your time and your heart into whatever it is you represent.

When you make good on what you do and see yourself making a significant difference in the lives of others, you can be sure you are investing your efforts in all the right ways and all the right things.

Getting the results  deyousire comes from how hard you work and how optimistic your outlook is.

Greatness is developed out of the understanding that your time in this World is limited, so you must be mindful not to waste any of your time trying to live someone else’s life.

Combine your passion and persistence to follow your own dreams. Follow your gut instinct, to put all of who you are into what you want to achieve and consistently produce the results you are looking for. Big results require big desires.

There is no path to profitability without effective and efficient communication. Profitability comes from productivity, efficiency, strictness, management, and the way you manage your time and business.

If you choose to make a meaningful contribution in this World, you must value your time, the time of others and the energy it takes to get to where you want to go.

To possess greatness, you must care deeply about the quality of service you offer. Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of conscious effort.

By putting out quality services and products, you increase your quality of life, your capacity to believe in yourself and your level of happiness.

The quality work you produce allows you to feel proud of who you are, what you do and how you impact the lives of other people. Quality decreases stress.

Greatness is reflected in the reliability of who you are as people and the services and products you offer. You must have some level of predictability in your character and in what it is that you sell or produce.

If you can predict things, you have the ability to intervene when necessary to make sure that what produce is exactly what you promised.

To be great, you must value the self-discipline and systems that make it impossible for things to go wrong.

The more reliable you are, the more others will be willing to trust and depend on you to provide the quality service they are anticipating.

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