Question Reality / Realität in Frage Stellen / Questionando Realidade / Cuestionando Realidad

Physics and philosophy have changed our perspective on the nature of the universe, matter, and mind over time. The further science, technology and Human evolution take us the more questions we have about the nature of reality and the role of Consciousness.

Is this a hologram or an illusion? Are we dreaming or in a simulation? Do we shift between parallel universes as we make different choices?

A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream we dream together is reality.

John Lennon

The journey of awakening begins when you start questioning everything, whether it be the big global conspiracies, secret societies, the corporate control matrix, the big pharma and the medical cartel, the banking establishment, the shape of the Earth, or the purpose of life.

As a child you grow and develop Consciousness over time, you move from confusion to differentiation, to situational Awareness, then to identification, ultimately arriving at Self-Awareness. By the time you become self-aware, your perception of what the World is all about is well-formed. The programs in play here affect the rest of  life.

Conformity to patterns of thought and behavior are learned, and when you watch people closely, you notice that most of them are imitating the examples they have seen their whole lives.

Emotional behavior, notions of success, relationships, rules, laws, even Love for Self are all programs, many of which need to be undone in order for spiritual growth to occur. If you can be programmed, you can also be re-programmed.

Attention is the greatest commodity of today. With so much competition for your attention, you begin to realize how valuable it is to others, and eventually you realize how valuable it is to yourself.

You notice that what you give your attention to creates the environment in which you live. The information and ideas you focus on and consume will work together to shape your personal reality.

This is why it is absolutely essential to consciously direct your focus where it is deserved, carefully choosing which ideas and perspectives are worthy of your time and congruent with the life you wish to lead. And your time is your life, so your attention is priceless.

It only takes the right information, the right quote, or the right idea at the right time to change your whole understanding of the World. When you begin to question everything, you start to wonder if your perceptions and belief about Society and your own life are really true.

You begin to ask if your outlook is based on the complete picture, or if it is based on a limited understanding and a limited knowing.

You wonder if they are your own perceptions or if they belong to someone else. When you grasp this, you begin to understand just how much power you have to control your own perceptions, and then your own reality, and are no longer bound to the whims of others.

The subconscious mind makes a fool of the conscious mind by secretly adding meaning to the images you create. These images combine with experience to form beliefs, and the Ego constructs an identity out of them.

Above all of this sits the spirit, watching and waiting for an opportunity to break free from the illusions of what you think it means to be alive and conscious in a material World.

The World you are in is insufferably material, and this materialism works magic with light, symbols and imagery in order to create illusions. Illusions about authority, happiness, truth and success can be very powerful, but upon deeper inquiry, you will eventually notice that nothing is ever what it seems.

The rich and famous are not always happy or healthy. Those who enforce the law do not always follow the law. The powerful are often bested by the weak. The aim of politics is not to unite, but to divide. Time is not money, it is your life.

Time is not money, it is your life.

In the exploration of the Self, fear is the first thing to go, and once it is cast aside a tremendous sense of freedom takes over, defying the negative shock programming in our World today.

This runs counter to the messages of the media who rely on fear to control and to sell, but once you have broken through the illusions that create a false reality, and are able to see that Love is the organizing force in our universe, fear dissolves entirely.

Eventually, upon self-reflection, it becomes clear that Consciousness and the soul are eternal. You truly are cosmic beings having a Human experience, and you are capable of knowing that once this existence comes to an end something greater and more magical awaits you. The greatest realization of them all is that there is nothing to fear.

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