Reclaim Love / Liebe Zurückfordern / Reclamar o Amor / Reclama Amor

Society and religion, friends and family, God’s and gurus, priests and monks, philosophy and psychiatry, ground knowledge and conventional wisdom – all teach to choose Love over everything else.

But Love has been monopolized by greeting cards and pop songs as purely personal and romantic. But the greatest social reformers in history grounded entire movements in Love as an ethic.

It is time to reclaim Love.

Love is more than a feeling. Love is work, fierce, bloody, imperfect, life giving. That means Love can be taught, modeled, practiced. When we love others, opponents, and ourselves, Love becomes revolutionary.

If you prioritize Love, it becomes a powerful weapon. For Love, you will quit jobs, move countries, destroy lives, begin wars, change the World, rebuild history.

You become a different person, hence the World will become different too.

If you prioritise Love, you may detach yourself from Society and religion, you friends and your family. That is why it is vitally important for them to have control over our lives.

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