Reconnect with Nature / Verbinde Dich wieder mit der Natur / Reconecte-se com a Natureza / Reconecta con la Naturaleza

Modern living is tough. There is just too much to do. Too many people to please, too many tasks to complete, too many fears and disappointments to deal with. It can be exhausting, frustrating, and soul-destroying all at once, and that can be on any given day or worse, every day.

Busy and distracted because of technology, mass media and responsibilities, it is understandable that you easily forget nature. Is it. You are nature – not separate from – but an integral part. Your body is made up of all the same elements, minerals and energy that makes up nature.

And though it is true you are a nature being, you can still fall out of alignment with your natural Self. Wellness is essentially being in tune with nature and aligning yourself with the inherent wisdom that is within us all.

Change your mindstate. Realize again that nature is not just something on the outside in your environment, but a part of your very being. The same water that flows in the in the ocean runs through your bloodstream.

The same vitamins and minerals in nature are the very substance from which your bones and body are built. The oxygen that you breathe is from a symbiotic relationship between Humans and trees in which both provide the necessary element for one another to live and thrive.

The fire that burns to heat up your body is the same fire in any flame or even the sun. Your body is created from nature and at the end of this incarnation you give your physical body back to Mother Earth.

As above, so below.

We are made up of stardust and learning about the stars takes you beyond the mundane and into supreme Consciousness. Just like you used to do when you were a child, star-gazing is a fun form of meditation. So again, look to the sky for that which is already within you, pure energy.

We all look up at the moon at night being that it is the brightest thing in the night sky. Look for a long time and feel the connection with the moon. The moon has a significant effect on your emotional state.

We all look up at the sun at daytime being that it is the brightest thing in the night sky. Look for a long time and feel the connection with the sun. During sunrise and sunset the sun does not have harmful effects on the eyes and increases energy, vitality and eyesight.

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