Reflection of the Heart / Reflexion des Herzens / Reflexão do Coração / Reflejo del Corazón

Without your eyes, life is a horror. All the beautiful things, you would not be able to see it with a tender look. All of the attractive things, you can not observe it with your eyes for an exciting feeling to enjoy it.

You are therefore limited by the ability to feel things at a great distance, because you are not enough powerful to grope it directly.

Your eyes have such great significance in your life that you can observe and discover everything by paying attention.

Each encircling little danger or interesting occurrence is directly detectable in your immediate vicinity and at a glance, so you are able to know how everything looks.

You get the chance to look at others and assessing how their feeling is or what they going to think about you as what is going on in their mind so as how is them behaving.

This experience is something that your eyesight can discover in other people’s eyes and countenance which often speak volumes about how they feel.

The face which contains many muscles which are in communication with the optic nerves will be in many cases a traitor about the feelings of human being.

The expression of the facial expression and human eyes are so sensitive that every sentimental joy or disappointment can be seeing if you pay close attention.

What is happening to you and what you identify will send signals to your brains and heart connected with your eyes and ears which you will respond optimistic or disappointing.

All this will display an expression in your eyes a mirror of heart feelings and can also be heart disturbing.

If you are open and honest, you can look anyone straight in the eyes and the reflection of your heart can give them the sign of the truth.

Our Eyes are a Reflection of the Heart.

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