Repentance / Buße / Arrependimento / Arrepentimiento

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So you see that there is the sense that somehow or other at some time there was a fall – something went wrong: The Human being comes to reflect upon himself and begins to see that there is something wrong. Now there is not, but it is right that we should feel that something is wrong because it is through this that his capacity for self-knowledge and Self-Consciousness develops.

But then you see, when it’s get to the point of this terrible feeling, I can’t trust my instincts anymore. I’ve got to decide. I have, as it were … taken over the prerogatives of God. That’s a terrible thing to do, because you can’t be genuine anymore.

You know, that when you love someone, you also want to get as much out him as you can. You know that when you act as a responsible citizen, you do so as to have a good image in your own view of yourself. It’s your ego kick.

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