Return to Paradise / Rückkehr ins Paradies / Regresso ao Paraíso / Regreso al Paraiso

Believe in your power, broaden your perception and be present. Paradise is in your mind. No matter what is coming at you, and no matter what is happening or not happening to you, you know you have to return to paradise within your mind.

Returning to paradise within your mind and ultimately in your reality takes faith. You must step into this space of living, feel it and act from it in order to experience more of it.

You have the power to make your own choices and be your own person, and hope is a power that you possess. Hope is continuing to go forward, it is continuing to live through that moment when you feel that hope has disappeared.

You get to make the decision that no matter where you are or what is happening, you do your best and you believe you are destined for great joy in you life, and you know what, you will get through it.

Perception is everything. How you see the World and how you see yourself in the world makes all the difference. You can choose to see it as a dark, scarce place, or you can choose to see it as an ocean of abundance.

Your perception will deeply reflect your actions, your thoughts and state of mind. The whole idea is to keep shining your light so that you may walk right into the experience of what you want.

Be in the present moment. You are not your past and your future has yet to happen – you are forever expressions of now and the more present you stay, the calmer the mind, the quieter the soul.

In the present you do not hear the past. Hope lies in the present moment and the present moment is creative. Decide what your actions, thoughts and feelings will be in this moment and take a step forward.

With presence also comes gratitude. And expressing gratitude for where you are right now is powerful. You enter a place where you can freely, beautifully and simply smile.

Your life feels fuller, your heart feels better and with taking life one step at a time, all begins to feel lighter. So, keep a gracious centered heart and you will always be guided.

Return to Paradise Resort is located on the white sandy beach where the classic movie of the same name was shot in 1953. Samoa is spectacularly beautiful. Return to Paradise Beach is one of the most stunning locations in the World.

The Resort offers the best of everything – a beautiful lagoon, sparkling, white, sandy beaches, dazzling marine life, colourful coral, mineral pools, private forests, spectacular gardens, and banyan trees that tower over the forest canopy.

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