Sad Reality / Traurige Realität / Triste Realidade / Triste Realidad

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The modern World is steadily leading to an intellectual decline. We spend years of our lives thinking about the present state of affairs in our lives – introspecting.

In an era of emails, text messages, Facebook and Twitter, we choose to stay unaware of the plight the World is struggling with.

The more time we spend looking at a screen instead of looking at loved ones or our pets or nature the more reality we are missing. When was it more important to tweet something funny or find the right filter for a picture than it was having fun and laughing with everyone around you?

We spend more time worrying about the memory on our phones than we do about making memories with friends.

Instead of talking in person or on the phone we are texting and tweeting. Instead of fixing the problem alone we get everyone else involved. It is easier to type on a screen than dealing with emotions and problems in person.

It has gotten to the point where instead of words we use pictures. We avoid the problem and disconnect ourselves from each other that we ruin friendships just by clicking send.

Instead of laughing we look at something funny and type Lol. Instead of writing down our feelings in a journal to ourselves we are writing them on a public stage for everyone to watch and review.

We have become wrapped up in the number of likes and views we get and what others think about us that we forget how beautiful or talented we are. A picture is worth a thousand words but a memory lasts forever.

Take more time to experience life as you should experience it because you never know when your chance is going to be over. Learn something new, make a new friend, take more chances and live your dreams.

Do not worry about what everyone else is doing and live your own life.

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