Save the Planet / Rette den Planeten / Salve o Planeta / Salve el Planeta

The planet does not need saving. Even if we had a nuclear war that wiped out all living organisms, the planet would still survive.

The planet may look more like Uranus but would still be around. What anti-pollution efforts really are trying to do is save the Humans.

Humans are not that powerful. At any given time, just when Humans think they are stronger than the planet, the planet sends a reminder such as a hurricane, an earthquake, a tsunami or a snowstorm.

By restricting activities that may change the environment, Humans are being neither charitable or nice but instead selfish.

Rather than ‘Save the Earth’ or ‘Save the Planet’, we shoud be honest enough and just admit it and say ‘Save the Humans’ or ‘Protect the Humans or ‘Save Our Butts’.

Environmentalists have their own marketing analysts and marketing strategy and know that ‘Climate Change’, ‘Global Warming’ and ‘Save the Planet’ sells.

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