Save the Trees / Rettet die Bäume / Salve as Arvores / Salva los Arboles

Trees are a great part in our planet. We cannot live without trees. Trees play a major role in survival of life in many different ways. Trees absorb many pollutants; trees provide us food that is necessary for living and oxygen that we breathe.

Without trees life is not possible at all. Trees are a shelter for many birds, animals and insects. If we cut trees, these species lose their shelter and their life will be totally disturbed.

Trees are called the Green Gold on Earth so that Humans can understand the significance of trees in life. Without trees cleaning and refreshing air that is totally polluted will not be possible. Harmful gases keep ruining the environment. People suffer from respiratory disorders and breathing problems.

Deforestation is the biggest issue that affects the whole system of life. Cutting down of forests in great numbers can lead to great consequences that cannot bring back life to normal. We should avoid deforestation as much as possible. We should eliminate unnecessary cutting down of trees.

To save trees, contribution from each and every individual is very important. Only when everyone takes part in the great cause saving trees can be possible.

We should try to transform from paper to computer for storage purposes. We should water trees that are about to die because of lack of water.

Planting trees on all possible places can balance the loss of trees that have been lost due to deforestation. We should create Awareness to people that Saving Tree is Saving Life.

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