See for the first Time / Zum ersten mal Sehen / Vendo pela primeira Vez / Viendo por primera Vez

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Seeing the reality of your life sounds like it should be easy. But many people hold to a different version. It may be based in regret, disappointment, denial, or just waiting for something better. Failing to connect with reality is why some have pants in the closet that have not fit in years.

If you want to make any improvement in your life, you must open your eyes and start seeing the reality of your life for the first time.

First accept the way it is now. Do not try to judge it and make it wrong. Do not try to glorify it or distort the truth to make it more attractive. Just accept the way things are.

When you accept your current reality, not deeming it good or bad, you start to see more clearly. You can see that life marks out paths in front of each of us.

It gives us obstacles to overcome and problems to solve. Those challenges are not to disrupt our path, they are an integral part of it.

Reality is not good or bad, harsh or compassionate. Reality just is.

Qualitative statements like good, bad, compassionate or cruel come from a brain that tries to imagine and compare. There is no other reality, there is no other now.

There is a duality to every experience in life. Every problem has a solution, every obstacle an opportunity, every negative a positive.

When you accept reality you realize that every path is equal, each reality neither better nor worse than every other one.

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