Seeing past the Meme / Jenseits der Meme sehen / Vendo além do Meme / Ver más allá del Meme

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As a collective we have been sold a meme so pervasive that most have accepted it as their own idea. You buy into the ideologies set forth to us by the media, the political rhetoric, the education system, the cultural and social influences to such a degree, that you have built a fictional shared consensus.

This consensus mandates that personal success is gauged in your ability to climb the economic ladder, to collect more bits of paper called money than your neighbours, so you can buy more goods that you simply do not need.

You have been taught that consumption for the sake of consumption is a worthy attribute, because it contributes to the financial growth of the economy. While the truth is you can not maintain infinite economic growth when it is dependant on the finite resources of our World. Why should you have to pay others to live on the land you were born on?

The meme locks you into servitude through the use of false scarcity. Nature gives freely, but the ruling classes have cast their net of restriction, which severs the natural abundance the World offers as our birth right. They have done this through turning the monetary supply into a privately owned, debt based instrument of control.

In today’s Society, money is born out of debt, the sum total of which can never be paid back as the debt never gets issued, only the principle. This creates a never ending vacuum that siphons off wealth from the masses to those that own the banks. You have become financial slave through forced dependence on this system. Although most believe they are free through the unwritten rules that they unknowingly follow.

Through a consistent barrage of propaganda, Mr Average has come to accept that he is the lowest wrung on the societal ladder. He never questions those he believes are of higher authority than him. If only he knew that sovereignty comes from the people, not from any institution, regardless of their grandiose claims. You are the highest authority in your life. And so it is up to you to author your own life story.

Government can not grant you a thing, it can only place limitations on that which was rightfully yours to begin with. It has no basis in tangible reality. It is an agreement between people to act as a representative institution.

Being a fictional entity it can only interact with other fictional entities. This gives rise to what is known as your straw man or corporate person. It is not you and so stands to reason that the only way government can force you to comply with its demands is if you agree that you are this fictional corporate entity.

People are scared to brake free from the general consensus, as it means taking responsibility for ones own actions. It is said that some do not want to wake up from their waking dream as it would shatter their illusion of reality.

The meme has such a firm grasp that the amount of time and energy invested in it is directly proportional to the unwillingness to give it up. This resistance comes from a place of fear, a worry of never having enough, fear of reprimand for disobeying orders. The adult elephant tied to a small tree never breaks free because of a lack of physical strength, but because of years of conditioned belief from when it could not break free as a baby.

The meme is an illusion. It exists in the minds of men and women. It is only in the mind that independence from it can arise. It comes down to an understanding of who you are as a sovereign being, with the unalienable right to live freely, without the threat of intimidation or coercion. Freedom truly is a state of mind. Further more, freedom comes down to a choice: Love or Fear. Which do you choose to live your life by?

To participate with your own enslavement is either an act of insanity or ignorance. The system is dependent on our belief that it is real. You only validate the authority of that which you protest against. The meme can not survive if we choose to simply walk away and write our own script. The key to our freedom is peaceful mass non compliance.

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