Self love Routine / Selbstliebe Routine / Rotina de amor Próprio / Rutina de amor Propio

Self-care is basically the act of taking care of yourself physically and mentally. It is a way to make sure you are getting the time you need to feel at peace, whether it is spending the night in painting and drawing instead of going out with friends or going to bed early instead of watching one more episode on Netflix.

It is the self-awareness that you need time for yourself to grow or develop in any way. This can be a facial massage or going to a Core Powder Vinyasa Flow class, but it can also be reading an article that makes you happy or doing the dishes because you know it will make you feel relaxed.

Self-love is a popular concept these days.

Self-love, on the other hand, is about cultivating gratitude and acceptance toward yourself, physically and emotionally. Practicing self-love can look like talking to yourself positively, throwing away your scale, or letting go of the comparison mindset. Self-love means loving yourself unapologetically, whereas self-care is about taking the time to feel good in your skin.

While these two are different, they are both necessary to a healthy, fulfilled lifestyle. Self-care allows you to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself rather than beating yourself up over the little things. Practicing self-care helps you refocus your brain, just as meditation would.

Self-love is a way you can achieve confidence. It is how you feel better about yourself and accept your flaws. It is about spending time with yourself and loving every minute of it. It is vital to living a happy, balanced and meaningful life.

Self love is what you need to survive this crazy, fast-paced world of stress, change, ups, downs, goals, challenges, competition. Self love is putting your needs first. It is being you and you in your truest form – not the you that you think you need to be but the You you really are. You are wonderfully made, you are incredible, you are You.

You are the centre of your universe. No one else, you and only you. Listen up and listen good. Hear it, feel it, digest it and believe it.

It is not uncommon to get bored with yourself every year, every season, every month, every week, or maybe even every day, You are constantly changing, growing, shapeshifting, and evolving, and your daily emotions will often alter how you express yourself to the World.

Self-love may be conflated with over-indulgence, excess and wastefulness. Self-love and self-care do not have to mean materialism, especially when certain indulgences come at the expense of the environment or other Human beings involved in the production process.

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