Sell your Soul / Verkaufe Deine Seele / Vende a tua Alma / Vende tu |Alma

Fame is perhaps the most common reason people offer their soul to Satan. If you are famous, you are more likely to attain wealth, power, respect, and Love. If you want to be a celebrity, fame, both literally and figuratively, sell your soul.

A sad truth of Human existence is the desire for youth. As soon as we are strong and wise enough, nature kicks in, and our looks, cleverness, and stamina decline.

It is no surprise that youth and beauty are so popular. If you think you could use a facelift but do not want to go to the gym or go under the knife, sell your soul.

Most of Human history has been driven by the desire for money and power, so it is no surprise that the occasional lost soul goes searching for an easy solution. If you want all the money and power you could ever dream of, sell your soul.

You want revenge. Sometimes you get used and abused by people, and there is nothing you can do about it. You find yourself up against an enemy who is just too powerful. If you want to see your abuser suffer untold brutality, sell your soul.

There is nothing more soul crushing than unrequited Love. If your heart and soul are being ripped to pieces anyway, why not just hand it over. If Love is what you desire, sell you soul.

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