Set your champion Free / Befreie deinen Champion / Liberte seu Campeão / Libera a tu Campeón

You are familiar with your ‘Inner Critic’ – you know, that voice inside of you that criticizes or judges you, telling you things like ‘You should do this and not this …’ ‘Why did you not do this …’ or ‘What is wrong with you’.

Your ‘Inner Critic’ often means well, wanting you to do better. However, they also make you feel bad about yourself. Once you become aware of your ‘Inner Critic’, you realize you have to do something to get them out of your head.

Talking to yourself in such a negative way is not good for you. But trying to banish that voice is very difficult untilyou discover your ‘Inner Champion’.

Your ‘Inner Champion’ is that voice inside of you that supports, understands and believes in you, that encourages and motivates you in a compassionate, kind and loving way.

Think of your ‘Inner Champion’ as your best friend.

You may be less aware of your ‘Inner Champion’ because you have not had much practice listening to him, but we all have one.

Your ‘Inner Champion’ is a presence of few words, sometimes there is no words at all, just a gesture, an impulse, some inner encouragement to follow a thread into playing, exploring, experiencing more through life. It feels gentle, loving, peaceful, powerful.

It is a quiet voice; It waits patiently for the silence to speak. It will not butt in or demand the stage, nor will it interrupt the inner chatter, argue or be forceful in any way.

The ‘Inner Champion’ quietly waits in the wings until you are ready to receive the wisdom.

You have access to your ‘Inner Champion’ all the time. If you practice calling forth your ‘Inner Champion’ every day, then you will eventually hear your ‘Inner Champion’ automatically instead of your ‘Inner Critic’. It is  your choic.

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