Shape the World / Gestalten die Welt / Formar o Mundo / Forma el Mundo

Only three steps to awaken your divine universal knowledge that is already within you, your unique gifts, talents and experiences. Follow the source of truth, which will enable you to have the right thought, the right action at the right time.

True transformation is never easy. True transformation will stretch you, expand your potential, deepen your gifts to the World and explore ways in which you can bring your vision, mission and purpose to shape the World you want to live in.

True transformation is the only way to move past any ideas of limitation, lack and self-doubt. Today is the day you decide. Today is the day you choose to step up and shape your future, to create the future you desire with the power of the Divine on your side.

Live in the flow of Dharma

Start by listening to your deepest desires. Engage with your deepest desires. Be honest about your deepest desires.

Transfrom your deepest desires into being, perform action. Right action. Action that is perfectly attuned to the forces of creation.

Use the power of the Divine, connect 100% to your source of Truth. Your being. When you act in this sequence, mother nature moves mountains for you.

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