Shooting star Wish / Sternschnuppe Wunsch / Desejo de estrela cadente / Deseo de estrella Fugaz

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The proper name for a shooting star is a meteor, a tiny piece of space dust that heats up when it hits the Earth‘s atmosphere, causing it to glow and creating a shimmering trail.

You stand a chance of seeing one at any time of the year as the Earth is struck by about 40 tonnes of cosmic debris per day.

Humans relied on the natural World to make predictions about the future and help guide. This meant listening to nature and looking up to the sky for clues from the stars.

Many superstitions date back thousands of years. From agriculture to sailing, from Love to luck, the stars have long been shrouded in superstition.

When you see shooting star you can quickly make a wish, and it will come true – under one condition: you must not tell anyone about your wish.

If wishes and stars were connected, then presumably your wish must travel at the speed of light. The nearest star is 4.2 light years away.

It would take 4.2 years for your wish to travel to that star and just as long for it to come back to you. That is eight and a half years for a wish!

I am going to share a secret with you.

Something that deep down inside, you already know.

Only, you have forgotten.

Because you have been hypnotized by social convention to feel otherwise.

If your life is in any way spinning out of control …

If you are confused …

If you are afraid … anxious… excited… exhilarated …

If you are so overwhelmed by love that you have lost yourself …

If you are so crippled by anxiety or fear that you are in despair …

At least be realistic and honest about how interesting, how fascinating you are.

To yourself … and to others.

When sand-sized grains of dust slam into the earth’s atmosphere, they get hot very quickly.

As the specs of dust burn up, they leave bright streaks of light across the night sky.

The scientific name for these streaks is ‘meteors’ or ‘comets’.

We call them ‘shooting stars’ or ‘falling stars’.

And they capture our fascination and imagination far more than the stars we see in the sky each night.

But this idea is an immensely threatening idea to people who are afraid to feel too much.

Who are afraid of being seen as dramatic, afraid of being seen as weak.

For either losing themselves in an overwhelming Love, or losing themselves in overwhelming heartbreak.

For not ‘pulling themselves together’ or not ‘getting over’ something within a period of time that others feel they should have.

For not being in control of themselves.

But, we were never in control.

You can not lose what you never had.

But you can give up the illusion that you had any control to begin with.

There is poetry in your madness.

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