Silence / Ruhe / Silêncio / Silencio

Silence, the greatest happiness on earth very often comes only through solitude into the heart /

Ruhe, das höchste Glück auf Erden kommt sehr oft nur durch die Einsamkeit in das Herz /

Silêncio, a maior felicidade no mundo muitas vezes só vem através de solidão no coração /

Silencio, la mayor felicidad en el mundo muchas vezes viene sólo a través de la soledad en el corazón /

The spoken words of the song are including the poem ‘Über die Einsamkeit’ by Swiss philosophical writer Johann Georg Zimmermann (1728-1795), who was a Swiss philosophical writer, naturalist and physician. In Zimmermann’s character there was a strange combination of sentimentalism, melancholy and enthusiasm; and it was by the free and eccentric expression of these qualities that he excited the interest of his contemporaries.


Profound meditation in solitude and silence frequently exalts the mind above its natural tone, fires the imagination, produces the most refined and sublime conceptions. The soul then tastes the purest and most refined delight, and almost loses the idea of existence in the intellectual pleasure it receives. The mind on every motion darts through space into eternity; and raised, in its free enjoyment of its powers by its own enthusiasm, strengthens itself in the habitude of contemplating the noblest subjects, and of adopting the most heroic pursuits.


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