Social Media Silence / Social Media Stille / Mídia Social Silêncio / Redes Sociales Silencio

Even when people are physically in the same room as one another, they are updating their status, following someone on twitter, texting, sexting, checking their email, googling something.

Someone just said, looking up a video on YouTube, posting a picture they just took – all in between sentences. We are texting when we should be having one-on-one conversations.

This multimedia overload is completely redefining Human interaction. Replacing person conversations with text, email, and social media will completely change the way we interact and understand one another.

This constant multitasking and informational overload will have serious implications on the coming generations.

The allure of social media is the desire to be seen, omnisciently seen, if not always affirmed, at least always put in view of others. Smartphones promise to protect you from the fear of being forgotten.

So you impulsively connect, from the moment you wake up to the moment you must surrender yourself to sleep. Your emotions are conditioned, self-conditioned. You do it to yourself.

Leaving social media, even for a few days or just a couple weeks, is to encounter the harsh reality that you will be un-missed on your absence, un-noticed in your silence, and even un-anticipated upon your return back.

To escape social media is to taste the bitter sting of oblivion, a little hint of elderly loneliness or the midlife identity-crisis.

Silence inevitably forces uncomfortable truths into your vision. Who you are, who you have become, the good and the bad and the revolting and the boring.

All things about your life, the things you would love to change, the memories and events and the scars you would never expose on social media. In silence, nothing about you remains hidden.

Who could desire silent seriousness in an age of incessant self-projection and self-affirmation. Serious solitude in the media age can feel unnatural. It is weird. Uncomfortable.

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