Society is in so much Pain / Die Gesellschaft hat große Schmerze / Sociedade está em tanta Dor / Sociedad está en tanto Dolor

You live in a critically ill Society that is in need of healing. Injustice, falsity, and corruption are escalating rather than being eliminated. Distrust, conflict, and confrontation are intensifying instead of being resolved. Degraded moral ethics, rampant violence, decadent and vile cultures are being disseminated even to your children. Abnormality is being accepted as and replacing normality.

People seem to be taken by demons and possessed. More and more people are suffering some kind of mental disorder. Family, friends, unknown people all around the internet. There is a much larger community than you think struggling and standing up for depression, anxiety and other major and lesser known issues. The statistics has never been so high and scary. Suicide rates are over the top. People are emotionally sick.

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick Society. – Jiddu Krishnamurti

Society is extremely squared and rigid, each day more consumer and capitalistic. Since you are born you are taught how to behave, how to talk, what you are and are not supposed to do and so on and so forth. At certain age you sign up for the next few decades of study-or-die but that does not stop there. You have to be good and outstanding because every drop counts for your future.

Suddenly you find yourself near eighteen and wondering what the heck are you going to do tomorrow for a living. You finish (if so) and you have to find a job, probably a partner to settle, be a good friend, a good worker, a good son or daughter, provide, succeed, do not be lazy, do not give up, be outstanding, make a living, care about your people, develop a few hobbies, stay tuned … And of course, you have to be happy. If you are not happy, something might be wrong with you.

During your day, you run from one thing to another, regretting the past, fearing the future and passing through the present without even noticing. Vacations are the most precious reward, but if you take them probably someone better will come and replace you. You are expendable, and that threatens all your stability, all you have achieved seeking since you were a kid (the house, the job, the family…).

The moment you become an adult, or even sooner, you have thousands of fingers pointing at you, tracking your movements and judging your work, expecting perfection or at least what they believe to be good enough. You do not even have time to be aware of yourself until you look into the mirror and you no longer recognize that person, wondering when did you meltdown and break into pieces.

But you do not have time to stop because the tasks are tacking on and your Society is running. And when you have time you rather get numbed. You are human and the pressure of Society is beating you down. Do you think the way you live, aiming for a better house, a good paid job, and a happy family, is realistic? Do you think that is all you should get? Who made up those rules?

We live in a Society that is set up in such a way; that it actively attempts to make people dissatisfied with what they have.

Our culture is fundamentally toxic. This culture is making people sick, anxious, and depressed. It is making people unkind to others and also unkind to themselves. – Gabor Maté

What is it about this culture that makes so many of us unhappy, unkind to others, frustrated, alienated from ourselves?

There is one idea of human nature which is what this culture promotes. [It says] that Human beings are by nature selfish, competitive, aggressive, out for personal gain.

Now, there is another view of human nature which is that there is no human nature, that it is just an empty slate which you can write anything you want.

There is this idea of kids that you can program anything into them by behavioral programming so that basically we are empty, we are devoid of any internal nature so it is whatever we happen to learn.

There is a third view of human nature that we are actually wired in certain ways. We were wired for contact, for Love, for connection, for generosity, for connection to the larger whole beyond the small Ego.

And then whatever conditions interfere with that is what creates the dysfunction.

From that point of view, if you have a Society that promotes selfishness, that promotes competition, that promotes aggression, that promotes people feeling dissatisfied with what they have, that only says people are worth what they produce or what they own, or it is only matter that matters, it’s materialistic, ‘matter-ialistic.’

So that our form whether you are pretty or handsome or toned or flabby defines who you are.

If there is a human nature that is quite contrary to that, then creating a society that goes against human nature is what creates the suffering.

So, I would say that what creates the suffering is we live in a completely unnatural Society that actually tramples on what it means to be a Human being, and that is the essence of suffering.

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