Spiritual Awakening / Spirituelles Erwachen / Despertar Espiritual / Despertar Espiritual

An Awakening has begun, an Awakening to a deeper realm within yourself, a deeper experience.

In a Spiritual Awakening colors are more bright, thoughts are more clear, the filter of the mind has been put aside opening true Awareness.

During the experience, doubts, worries, desires, hopes and problems, all the debris normally floating in and clogging the mind are gone.

You must seek a different kind of relationship with people who are undergoing a similar process of Spiritual Awakening within themselves, people who are beginning to stir from a long and troubled sleep.

You need them to bear witness to the process that is happening within themselves. Their life is being stirred by a deeper set of needs and by the emergence of a greater purpose.

Patience, perseverance, stillness, objectivity, observation – these are all very important qualities of a mind that is becoming still. It is not going to sleep.

It is becoming awake, present and observant. It is becoming a witness to life rather than attendant.

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