Stand up to Cancer / Steh auf gegen Krebs / Levante-se ao Câncer / Enfrentarse al Cáncer

Cancer knows no limits. Today alone, 4,754 people in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer. Many of us know someone, or know someone who knows someone, that has cancer. It has become a challenge that most of us may have to face.

Some cancers are more severe then others, but it is always just as scary. There is much we still have to learn about cancer, one thing that is certain is that the patient’s mindset and attitude can have a big impact on recovery.

Meditation is proven as one of the most promising complementary therapies for cancer. Meditation for cancer patients is often practiced to help reduce anxiety and stress.

Focusing on letting go of thoughts to relax the body and ease the mind, patients will find peace that will spread all throughout their bodies. This allows for a stronger healing process. Focusing on a healthy recovery and a positive attitude has been proven to speed up, and even make a recovery happen.

Meditation is exercise for the soul. The more you practice, the stronger you become. Cancer patients that practice meditation have the opportunity to strengthen their faith, their purpose, and understanding of life. That power is something you can only give to yourself.

Letting go of thought and abiding in emptiness through meditation, will strengthen your soul. Working to find balance in emotional well-being, over-all mental health, and quality of life through meditation practices will open paths to healing.

Meditation may be self-guided, or shared in a group, and involves concentrating on mindful and gentle thinking while focusing on your breath. It works by exercising your brain. It can be done anytime and anywhere, provided you are someplace comfortable where you can relax.

It may take some time to cleary your mind of random thoughts. Your mind races these days, especially in this electronic age and especially after a diagnosis of cancer.

With practice, meditation teaches you to acknowledge these thoughts and move on. With practice, the mindfulness of meditation can be integrated into your everyday life and provides a mental health benefits including reducing anxiety and depression.

Meditation is the method that can be extremely beneficial throughout the healing process.

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