Sun Dance / Sonnentanz / Dança do Sol / Danza del Sol

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The Sun is the star at the center of the Solar System and is by far the most important source of energy for life on Earth.

The enormous effect of the Sun on Earth has been recognized since prehistoric times, and the Sun has been regarded by some cultures as a deity.

The Sun‘s magnetic field leads to many effects that are collectively called solar activity, the Sun Dance, der Sonnentanz , o Dança do Sol, el Danza del Sol.

Sonnentanz (Sun Dance) is the debut single by Austrian electronic music duo Klangkarussell. After the track became a viral hit and entered the charts by downloads only.

It was released physically in German speaking countries and reached the top 10 in 6 countries.

The Sun Dance is a ceremony practiced by Native Americans in the United States, primarily those of the Plains cultures.

It usually involves the community gathering together to pray for healing. Individuals make personal sacrifices on behalf of the community.

Native Americans in the United States were not allowed to openly practice the Sun Dance or other sacred ceremonies until the late 1970’s.

Given a long history of cultural misappropriation, Native Americans are suspicious that non-Natives may abuse or misuse the traditional ways.

Medicine men are concerned that the ceremony should only be passed along in the right ways. The words used at a Sun Dance are in the native language and are not translated.

In addition, the detailed way in which a respected elder speaks, teaches, and explains a Sun Dance to younger members of the tribe is unique and not easily quoted, nor is it intended for publication.

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