Surpass Anger / Überwinde Wut / Superar Raiva / Superar Ira

You become angry because you are frustrated or unhappy, when your feelings got hurt, when your plans do n0t turn out, when confronted with opposition or when being criticised; an insignificant remark, not getting a satisfactory reply to your question, or simply just your mood.

Anger is a wast of energy, hurts your health, spoils your relationships, causes you to miss opportunities. Anger is a negative reaction, and if you wish to progress on the path of self-improvement or spiritual growth avoid it as much as possible.

Gaining peace of mind, is the best and most effective method to surpass anger, negative emotions, anxiety and negative thinking. Gaining peace of mind requires the development of an attitude of emotional and mental  detachment.

Detachment is not an attitude of indifference or lack of sensitivity. Detachment is an attitude of common sense and inner strength and leads to peace of mind.

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