Surrender to your higher Self / Gib dich deinem höheren Selbst Hin / Renda-se ao seu Eu Superior / Ríndete a tu Yo Superior

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Surrendering to your higher Self is not giving up. It is claiming who you are. You are not posing. You are choosing. To be adrift is not surrender.

Surrender is entering your life full-force. You recognize that surrender is strength. Surrender is claiming yourself. It is holding yourself high. It is adventurous, not lame. Surrender is a decision.

You view surrender as a weakness, hopelessness, a giving up. Surrender is associated with feeling powerless and very sad for losing or giving up.

Surrender brings up fears of the unknown and of not being in control of your destiny, as it may be subject to the fancy of the winners.

This is a dark picture to burn away from your mind, so that you can clear and be open to a new image – to new possibilities.

Surrender comes from a humble mind that realizes it can not figure out, plan, know, or do everything.

Our Human part is also called our personality. It consists of, first, our mind, second, our body, third, our emotions. It is fear and love-based.

Our fourth part is our higher Self. This spiritual part is unlimited and only comes from love, wisdom, trust, and faith. The way we connect with this all-knowing, all-powerful part is by listening to our intuition.

After your personality has tried everything logical to find a job, housing, relationship, you can surrender to your higher Self and go beyond your mind.

Surrender to that powerful part to begin with. Follow your intuition to know what your mind, body, and emotions can do to help.

Surrender is to replace fears and doubts with trust and faith.

Surrender means expressing what you desire and having a knowing that the universe supports you, that you are truly powerful, and you have all the answers inside of you.

It means becoming very still, focusing inward, and listening to your inner voice either through a gut feeling, softly spoken words, or a vision.

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