Talk about Religion / Über Religion Sprechen / Falar sobre Religião / Hablar sobre Religión

Religion is a subject that will always cause a reaction because of the deepness of feelings. No matter what your beliefs are, the ability to communicate about what you believe can be done in a way that creates respect and understanding.

Based on the definition of religion, it would seem that the majority of people in the World can associate themselves to some type of religion. Religion is the belief in a god or in a group of gods; an organized system of beliefs, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods.

The ability to talk about religion should not bring up feelings of anxiety, nervousness or even shame.

When the communication is open and the environment is safe, discussions about why someone believes what he does, and how it has impacted his life can be some of the most rewarding and interesting conversations you have.

As you listen to stories about what led people to their beliefs or religion, you increase respect and understanding.

Just as you desire respect from others about your beliefs, you should be willing to respect theirs as well. Trying to discredit another’s religion creates negativity, discomfort and bitterness.

There is a difference between sharing what you believe and trying to convince someone else that what they believe is wrong. That is why discussing such a sensitive subject with care and respect is important.

In a World that seems to teach that it is ok to have intolerance for what others believe, we instead need to support one another’s beliefs. We can not afford to create a Society where people are forced to live their beliefs in secret.

We must allow religious conversations to take place. No matter what you or someone else believes, we should all feel respected, and show that respect to others.

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