Technology culture destroys the World / Technologiekultur zerstört die Welt / Cultura de tecnologia destrói o Mundo / La cultura tecnológica destruye el Mundo

What we collectively have spent on war since 1914 could have given every single man, women and child on Earth a comfortable income.

A mantra within the sustainability movement tries to convince you that innovations in technology can save the World.

But rather than liberating us technology has enslaved us and is destroying the very health of the planet on which all species depend.

Technology is extending democracy and is concentrating even more power in the hands of a tiny elite.

The very social and environmental movements that should be challenging the destructive nature of mega-technologies, have fallen under their spell.

They have been poor on doing a systemic analysis and weak in the area of technology criticism.

If we do not dismantle the techno-industrial Society we are cooked, we are going to continue to extinct species and we are going to continue to dig the hole deeper of the whole eco-social crisis.

Just hold your cell phone for 30 seconds and think backwards. You will see through its production the entire techno-industrial culture wrapped up. You can not have that device without everything that comes with it.

You will see the mining, the transportation, the manufacturing, the computers, the high-speed communications, the satellite communications.

Everything is there. You will see that it is this very techno-industrial culture that is destroying the World.

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