That was the Way / Das war der Weg / Esse foi o Caminho / Ese era el Camino

I do not like direction unless it is wanted. I do not like unwanted advice and I really do not like others telling me to change something in my life just because they disagree.

It does not make me an anarchist. It does not mean I do not care because I do but I was raised independent. I am going to be me. Still my entire life I was being told who I should be and what I should do.

That was the way Human beings are; they love to be told what to do, but they love even more to fight and not do what they are told, and thus they get entangled in hating the one who told them in the first place

Carlos Castaneda

I can not sit still. I am always itching to come up with something, and do something. I am always coming up with ideas, good or bad, the flow of ideas never stops. I set goals for myself, big or small, goals fill my life.

I find challenges in everything I do. I seek out opportunities to challenge myself. I face challenges and keep going. I do not give up easily. I have experienced crushing failure, but it has never stopped me from coming back.

I love to learn new things. I help people whenever I can. I am interested in the greater good and I help solve problems because I am actually good at problem analysis. I like telling stories. I love to tell people about my experiences. I find ways to inspire people and I am inspired by inspiration.

I see the potential in people. I do not see people for who they are, but for who they could be. Still, I do not forget people’s emotions. There is great sympathy in me.

I listen to others’ advice but I make my own decisions. I listen to my internal voice and I trust my instincts. I never write off my dreams. I am proud of myself. I like who I am.

Tell me what to think, what to do, what to believe, and the best result you can hope for is that I mentally dismiss you as an idiot and walk away.

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