The clock is Ticking / Die Uhr Tickt / O relógio está Passando / El reloj está Corriendo

There is a significant difference between time and attention. Time is the ticking of the clock where minutes and hours pass by with or without you. Attention is how you are clicking while the clock is ticking.

Time does not matter. What matters is the quality of your experiences. And your experiences are determined by what you pay attention to.

Experiences do not determine your level of Consciousness. Instead, your level of Consciousness determines the quality of your experiences.

This can free you from your beliefs that suggest, tha if I only had different experiences, you would feel better about yourself and the World around you.

No experience can make you feel the way you wish to be, until you take the time to honor the experiences with more thoughtfulness, kindness, and compassion.

The more often you embrace yourself with unconditional Love, the more your Consciousness expands, which then calls forth different experiences into your field of reality. Even as this occurs, each outcome will not be exactly the way you wish it to be.

Yet, with Love as your guide, you will be able to experience a deep-rooted ease, profound joy, and a natural sense of excitement within each encounter, whether or not it gives your ego the objects it desires.

Whatever you want from others becomes the gift you can offer to others. Whether your gifts are received, ignored, or refused – you are always the first one in line to benefit from your openness and generosity.

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