The concept of Coincidence / Das Konzept des Zufalls / O conceito de Coincidência / El concepto de coincidencia

When one can recognise the chronological order of this physical World in regards to a certain chain of causation that originated from the first thing that ever was, it is easy to invalidate the belief that a coincidence – like time – is any thing greater than a concept.

This in turn concludes that every thing that ever was, every thing that ever is and every thing that will ever be is happening at the exact time it has been destined to happen from the very beginning.

The inherent nature concerning the causality can be seen as an infinite set of rules and directives concentrated from its primary inception. When observing an event occurring in the now, one may deduce two assumptions; some thing had to occur and some thing will occur in response.

Definition of the word Importance: The state or fact of being of great significance or value.

Every thing that has ever been and will ever be is unquestionably perfect, and every thing that may be interpreted as good or bad was meant to happen for the existence of this specific now we find ourselves in.

With our current understanding of a prophesied existence, it becomes rather deluded to assume that any thing or any one is of less importance than another, since both are the result of exactly the same initiate occurrence.

At any given time – or in any given now – the circumstances eventuating, the existence of things and the propagation of life have always been, are and will forever be precise and perfect.

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