The Death Problem / Das Problem Tod / O Problema da Morte / El Problema de la Muerte

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Then, one gets to an extreme where you realize there is nothing you can do about life. Nothing you can not do about life. Then, you are the mosquito biting the iron bull.

So, if you heard a bomb coming at you, hear it whistle, you saw it right above you and headed straight toward you and you knew you were finished, and you accepted it.

Suddenly, there is a strange feeling that everything is absolutely clear. You suddenly see that there isn’t a grain of dust on the whole universe that’s in the wrong place. You understand completely, absolutely, totally what’s it all about.

This is always the opportunity presented by death. If one can go into death with eyes open, and have somebody help you, if necessary, to give up before you die. This extraordinary thing can happen to you.

So, from your understanding in that position at that time, you would say, I wouldn’t have missed that opportunity for the World. Now, I understand why we die.

The reason we die is to give us the opportunity to understand what life’s all about. By letting go. Because, then we come to a situation where the ego can’t deal with.

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