The End of the World / Das Ende der Welt / O fim do Mundo / El fin del Mundo

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For a long time now, humanity has been awaiting the end of the World. The promise of the end of the World has been the archetype of all promises.

Every promise made waits for a day, for the last and final day, for the dead-line, which is in fact the day of the end of the promise, the day of the end of the end.

The day of the end of the World has not yet come. However, the day arrives everyday, which implies that the day ends everyday, arriving and ending everyday, day by day.

And if the end of the World is bound to the arrival of a day, we have to admit that the end of the World arrives every day: that every day the World ends. It is a way of saying that the World is finite.

The apocalyptic tone is spreading. This tone accompanies wars for and against capitalism, for and against the end of the World, for and against the death of God.

The sentiment of the World is in the middle of a race speeding towards its end: no longer the end of art, of history, of philosophy, of man, but the end of all resources pertaining to the World, the Earth, the planet.

To speak about the end of the World is to speak about the degradation of the World, of the Earth, of the planet, as a result of capitalism.

It is to speak about the process of exclusion and alienation, of inequality and injustice; it is to speak of the oppositions between the human and the inhuman, the rational and the irrational, the alive and the dead.

The sentiment of the World is one of already having arrived at end of the World. Everywhere it seems that the World has ended.

Even the promise of Love is made following the formula ’till the day you do part’

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