The essence of Life / Die Essenz des Lebens / A essência da Vida / La esencia de la Vida

The Essence of Life is a beautiful look at the current state of Earth‘s freshwater ecosystems. A variety of authors, as well as dozens of the World‘s most accomplished photogoraphers, tell us a story you may feel uncomfortable hearing:

Earth‘s freshwater supply and systems are in serious peril. We may carry on as if it was business as usual, but to do so is at our own risk. It will lead certainly to the detriment of the generations to follow.

Great efforts have gone into raising Awareness about the freshwater crisis. Perhaps most of us are still not aware of the fact that our Earth has a limited supply of freshwater, and various types of pollution are directly affecting freshwater ecosystems.

Freshwater ecosystems are home to a large number of plants and species. So, it directly affects them as they are freshwater dependent. Since 1970, there has been a 50% decline in freshwater species.

Water is essential for life and our World is getting drier and drier way too fast. But we can redefine our relationship with nature so that water can be available and shared equitably to meet the demands of people and nature or we will both suffer the consequences.

As of today, less than 1% of the world’s water is available for Human use, which is a matter of prime concern. The freshwater crisis is a global concern whose negative impact on the Earth can not be ignored any longer.

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