The game of good and Evil / Das Spiel von Gut und Böse / O jogo do bem e do Mal / El juego del bien y del Mal

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You become awakened when you treat life as a game and dance rather than a conquest. There is a necessity to everything negative, painful and evil. It is necessary for the good and light to exist.

Disorder is necessary for the manifestation of order.

When you understands this, a deep and profound transformation happens. Life does not become a contest, but a game. A dance.

The general result of that image of Western man has not been quite that. What it is come down to, under the dispensation of the ‘Fully Automatic Model’ is this:

We are living beings; we are very sensitive; and inside the Human skin, by an extraordinary fluke of nature, there has arisen something called reason. And there have also arisen values, such as Love.

So then what’s necessary … is a system, in which the good side is always winning, but never is the winner. Where the evil side is always losing, but never is a loser.

That is a very practical arrangement for a successful ongoing game which will keep everybody interested. And you must watch this in practical politics.

Every in-group or group of nice people, needs an out-group of nasty people otherwise they would not know who they were!

And you must recognize that this out-group is your necessary enemy who you need, he keeps you on your toes. But you must not obliterate him; if you do, you are in a very dangerous state of affairs.

So you have to love your enemies in a sense, regard them as highly necessary and to be respected chivalrously.

And maybe that will happen that we should be in a position to handle our technology with more sense. With Love instead of with hate. For our environment.

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