The gift of Sensitivity / Das Geschenk der Sensibilität / O presente da Sensibilidade / El presente de la Sensibilidad

You are a deep thinker, an intuitive feeler, and an extraordinary observer. You are vulnerable to existential depression and anxiety, but you also know beauty and rapture. When art or music moves you, you are flooded with waves of joy and ecstasy.

As a natural empathiser, you have a gift; yet you are also overwhelmed by the constant waves of social nuances and others’ psychic energies.

Being intense and sensitive – seeing the World through different eyes and feeling the World on a distinctive wavelength – is not an easy path.

You have spent your whole life trying to fit in, but your soul does not compromise on depth, authenticity, and connection.

You suffer with your gift. You feel weak and frustrated for your emotional roller coaster. You even think sometimes to give up on life. You defietely think of yourself as delusional or crazy.

You feel emotions that do not seem real. If the emotions are too strong and at odds with what you are seeing or hearing, this experience is very difficult to deal with.

Every day of your life has an immense meaning. Everything is worthwhile because everything has a reason behind it.

Being this way allows you to see the magic that surrounds you. It let’s you understand why you are who you are. The reason behind your being and those that you love.

You accept that life implies going with the flow. That things change, that you are grateful for what you feel and enjoy.

And above all, you allow yourself to go with the flow. Therefore, you are free. Free to be aware of the fact that everything, absolutely everything has a reason behind it.

You can make any external situation your own, because life hands you the mission of listening and helping unconditionally.

You learn that you are allowed to say no, but you always love to offer your help to someone who deserves your unconditional Love and brilliant heart.

You can feel beyond what is visible to most people. You allow yourself to sense situations and emotions, both yours and from other people.

This way you manage your essence and most importantly, the Love you have towards yourself, towards life, and towards those you love. You provide them with effective help unconsciously.

On a World level too many search for material happiness and are not truly happy in their souls. However many do not recognise their own sorrow or are too scared to search their own souls for a more fulfilling life and World.

Once you value sensitivity and truly search your fears you will discover your Nirvana. You have to do this without competitiveness. You have to decide to trust the other and your emotions and search these emotions for the truth.

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