The Glory / Der Ruhm / La Glória / La Gloria

Glory is high renown, praise and honor obtained by notable achievements, and based in extensive common consent.

The Greek philosopher Plato, in his dialog Symposium devoted to discuss Love, makes a digression into the subject of fame and Glory.

It is in the section that deals with the dialog between Socrates and Diotima. She is explaining that men search ways to reach some kind of immortality, for instance by means of physical and intellectual procreation.

Then asserts that the love for fame and Glory is very strong, and in fact to obtain them, men are ready to engage in great efforts, and also run risks and sacrifices, even of their lives, and still more for this than for their children.

The three lives of men:

The terrestrial life, that ends with the death.

The life of fame, that is retained by men’s memory.

The eternal life, of the Christian faith.

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