The Guru within You / Der Guru in Dir / O Guru dentro de Você / El Guru dentro de Ti

The Guru within you directs you continuously. The Guru within advises you. Sometimes you listen. Sometimes you do not and then you get burnt and cry.

The inner Self constantly guides you. It is your conscience. Be true to your Self. Listen to the Self. You do not have to look for a Guru outside. You have a Guru within. Learn to listen.

A real Guru is one who tells you that you have that person within you. It is almost like a mirror. The mirror simply reflects what you are, how you are.

The Guru will simply reflect you as you are. Sometimes that is the reason why people do not like to go in front of a Guru. Because everything is exposed. If that something is what you have, it will show.

And it is better that it shows, so that you will know. Because you do not know your own face. You never see your face. You know that you have a face but you do not see it. To see your face you have to have a mirror.

The external Guru is to point out the Guru within you. Guru is the omnipresent Consciousness that pervades everywhere, which guides the entire universe constantly.

Because the Guru is within you, and you have never seen it, you want to see it with a reflection. It is there that the external Guru comes.

With the help of the teacher and the teaching, you will realize your own Guru within. That Guru constantly guides you in all your efforts in life. Realize that Guru.

Lord, You know what I need. You will give what I need. But when I want to face You, see You, You escape me. If even the devas try to face You, see You, You do not show yourself to them. But You pulled me out. You made me your instrument. With all that, if there is any want in my mind, I know even that want is created by You. I can’t even want something without Your wanting me to want. So I give myself completely in Your Hands.

Guru means Gu-ru. Gu is the darkness. Ru is the remover. He removes our darkness of ignorance. Put complete faith in the inner Guru. And follow the Teachings. Serve. Love. Meditate. Realize.

Realizing comes automatically. You don’t have to do anything in the name of realization. All we should do is serve with love and meditate on it. Your life should be based on serving others with love. That’s what the entire universe teaches us.

We learn this lesson from anything and everything other than Human beings. The entire universe – animals, plants, minerals – all there to serve others. They do not exist for themselves. Their only purpose is to be useful to others. Everything that you see.

Let your life’s motive be service. Service goes with Love. Without Love you can not serve. And when you serve there is no room for Ego. Serve without looking for any reward.

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