The Happening / Das Geschehen / O Acontecimento / El Evento

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So therefore, if you understand perfectly clear, that you can’t do anything to find that very important thing – god, enlightenment, nirvana, whatever – then what? Well, I find you know, it’s so stupid because even if I tell myself well there’s nothing I can do about it; why did I say that? You see, why did I say that? Why did I go out of my way to tell myself that there is nothing I can do about it? Because in the back of my mind there’s a funny little feeling that if I did tell myself that something different would happen. See?
Alright, so even that doesn’t work. Nothing works. Now when absolutely nothing works, where are you? Well here we are, I mean there’s a feeling of something going on. The World doesn’t stop dead when there is nothing you can do. There’s something happening. Now just there, that’s what I’m talking about. There’s the happening. When you are not doing anything about it, you’re not NOT doing anything about it, you just can’t help it, it goes on despite anything you think or worry about or whatever. Now there is the point. Right there.
And remember, although you will think at first that this is a kind of determinism, there are two reasons why it isn’t. One, there is nobody being determined. Now other people think of determinism as the direction of what happens by the past; the causation of what happens by the past. Now if you will use your senses you will see that this is a hallucination. The present does not come from the past.
If you listen and only listen; close your eyes. Where do the sounds come from according to your ears? You hear them coming out of silence. The sounds come and then they fade off. They go like echoes. Or echoes in the labyrinths of your brain which we call memories. The sounds don’t come from the past, they come out of NOW and trail off. You can do that later with your eyes. You can see like when you are watching television. There’s a vibration coming out from the screen to your eyes. And it starts from there somehow.
We don’t see that our memory of the hands is an echo of there always being now. They never were, they never will be. They are always now. And that that is recollected is the trailing off echo like the wake of a ship. And so just as the wake doesn’t move the ship, the past doesn’t move the present. Unless you insist that it does.

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