The illusion of Choice / Die Illusion der Wahl / A ilusão de Escolha / La ilusión de la elección

At any time a thing is to be, there will be another or opposite thing that is not to be. This is the basis derived from the observation of choice.

The almost-immediate future is a multidimensional plane of possibility that requires little to no substantial amounts of time to reveal that which reverberates a finite set of rules, disguised in choices and decision making.

You never, can not and will forever be unable to participate in the act of making a choice, for the choice has already been made and all that is left is for it to be observed.

To make a choice is to control what is observed, and if you were to make the choice to observe no thing, then you would simply cease to exist for the duration of your void observation.

Another example is making the choice to observe a certain thing that does not exist in the current observation, which is impossible otherwise you would be able to observe any thing you wanted.

It is the observation of a choice being made that solidifies the belief that you are in control.

If you had performed an action without having had the observation of the belief that you chose to perform it, you would either be hypnotised with no thought or Consciousness, or feel incapable of changing the course of your actions.

It would be as if you were paralysed in a working body that is out of your control.

A common example that illustrates the distress of having no control over that which you observe is when you can not remember a memory you know you have lived, or when you can not recall a word that you kow you have uttered.

Forgetful moments are truly wondrous as they exist purely out of the belief that a thing exists and nothing more is needed for one to attempt to remember.

It is the greatest delusion within the illusion, that there exists a thing of which we know so little, but nevertheless a thing we know.

After any certain point in any significant event one may have experienced, a mindful reflection follows, that allows one to remember or observe the intentions and choices that were made in order for the reflective situation to exist.

At that moment, the only truth is that there exists an observation, in which lies the belief that an experience was experienced, a set of choices were made and a number of things were done.

The satisfaction – or lack thereof – and belief in the conclusion of an event yield a significant factor that reinforces whether or not a thing truly happened or was just imagined. The illusion does not lie in the experience, but in the belief.

Wherever you may find yourself, now and forever, it is exactly where you are meant to be. To assume insignificance is to observe a delusion within the illusion, since every thing that is, is as miraculous and phenomenal as the next.

Any thing you have ever done and any thing you will ever do is an integral part of the World of wonder that we live in. Without you, the Human experience will never be complete.

However extravagant, extraordinary and amazing, or however mundane, boring and meaningless your life may seem, it is you and only you who can assure the completion and wholeness of the Human experience.

Appreciate every moment, every feeling, every memory, every tear, every dream and every day, because without you to experience this, it can not exist.

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