The Illusion of Control / Die Illusion von Kontrolle / A ilusão do Controle / La ilusión de Control

When you think you control something, you are wrong. It is amazing how often you think you are in control of something when really you are not. Control is an illusion.

You constantly make plans that never actually turn out the way you envisioned. How often are you trying to control a future that you can not predict?

You have been trained to set goals, and then work on the actions that lead to those goals … and yet how often do those goals fail. You do not know the future, much less control it.

You like to think you do, but that never turns out to be true. And yet you continue to believe in the illusion of control.

You face a chaotic and complex World, and seek to control it however you can.

When you are in the midst of chaos, let go of the need to control it. Be awash in it, experience it in that moment, try not to control the outcome but deal with the flow as it comes.

You stop setting goals, and instead do what excites us. You stop planning, and just do. You stop looking at the future, and live in the moment. You stop trying to control others, and focus instead on being kind to them.

This might seem like a passive way of living to some, and it is against your aggressive, productive, goal-oriented cultural nature.

If you can not accept this way of living, that is OK – many people live their lives with the illusion of control, and not realize what it is that makes them unhappy or frustrated is not the worst thing ever.

If you want to make God laugh, make a plan.

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