The Immeasurable is not of this World / Das Unermessliche ist nicht von dieser Welt / O incompreensível não é deste Mundo / Lo inconmensurable no es de este Mundo

The immeasurable is not of this World; it is not put together by the mind because what the mind has put together, the mind can undo.

To understand the immeasurable, which is to enter into a different World altogether, we must understand this World in which we live, this World which we have created and of which we are a part – the World of ambition, greed, envy, hatred, the World of separation, fear, and lust.

That means we must understand ourselves, the unconscious as well as the conscious, and this is not very difficult if you set your mind to it. If you really want to know the totality of your own being, you can easily discover it.

It reveals itself in every relationship, at every moment, when you are entering the bus, getting a taxi, or talking to someone.

But most of us are not concerned with that because it requires serious endeavor, persistent inquiry. Most of us are very superficial; we are easily satisfied with such words as God, Love, beauty.

We call ourselves Christians, Buddhists, or Hindus and think we have solved the whole problem. We must shed all that, let it drop away completely, and it will drop away only when we begin to know ourselves deeply.

It is only through understanding ourselves that we shall find something which is beyond all measure.

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